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Blackburn Service Centre Blackburn Victoria mechanic

Blackburn Service Centre Blackburn

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Verdict - somewhat negative rating.

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2009-01-20 20:23:30
Added by steve
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  • May be sufficently competent to inflate tyres or change wiper blades (to be confirmed)
  • Will charge like a wounded bull, and refuse to explain all the hours spent on your car
  • Their "repairs" will focus on replacing perfectly servicable components of your car, and fail to address the underlying problems, leaving you stranded.
  • Will be rude and dismissive to your wife
  • Will show no interest in correcting their work or returning phone calls, especially when  it becomes apparent  they have charged you hundreds of dollars unneccessarily
  • AVOID.
  • Take the car somewhere reputable and with staff who have seen a car with "electronics"

2009-04-07 07:56:10
Added by Anonymous
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"These guys are fantastic. I am a women and have been ripped off at too many other places. These guys are great.Nothing of any concernVery happy - my car NEVER breaks down and I don't get crazy bills any more.

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