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Argenton New South Wales 2284

Argenton NSW (New South Wales), 2284

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The suburb of NSW () has the postcode of .

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2009-01-04 20:43:24
Added by Anonymous
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Quiet community,close to transport such as Buses,Trains etc,Hotel,Take away shops,Petshops,close to Golf course etc etcthere a few hoons getting around Argenton but could be worse as we think theres worse places around compares to Argenton,,,These few hoons should get a good Kick up the Butt and maybe a punch in the mouth off some of the good Locals,Teach them not to destroy our community etcNot a bad place to be,,there worse places around,,,

2009-03-20 21:57:57
Added by Anonymous
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its a great place to visit but.not too muchits not too bad.

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