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Bosch SGI55E55AU Dishwasher

Details on this dishwasher

Bosch SGI55E55AU Dishwasher


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SGI55E55AU 60cm Stainless Steel Dishwasher

    * 14 international place settings
    * 5 Wash Programmes
      – Pots and pans 70°C
      – Intensive 65°C
      – Normal 45°C
      – Quick Wash 45°C
      – Pre Rinse
    * 5 spray levels
    * 4-stage filtration system
    * Concealed ‘flow-through’ water heater
    * Electronic rinse refill indicator
    * Foldable plate racks in lower basket
    * Height-adjustable upper basket
    * Tall glasses/champagne glass racks
    * Double cutlery basket
    * Large item spray head
    * Retractable control knob
    * VarioSpeed™ – express wash option
    * Time remain indicator
    * HalfLoad Plus
    * AutoBrilliance – automatic detergent sensor

Power rating:

    * Very quiet operation 49dB
    * 2400W
    * 10 Amp

Consumption rates: (Normal 45°C program)

    * 3 Star energy rating (303 kWh per year)
    * 4 Star water rating (13.6 Litres per wash)

Appliance Dimensions:
810-870H x 600W x 570D mm


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