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Fisher and Paykel ED57 4.5Kg Clothes Dryer

Details on this clothes dryer

Fisher and Paykel ED57 4.5Kg Clothes Dryer

Make:Fisher and Paykel

Compare with all other clothes dryers.

Autosensing Dryer
Fisher & Paykel electronic clothes dryers give you the freedom to enjoy more of life.
Designed with convenience and simplicity in mind.

5 Dryness settings: controls amount of moisture left in clothes
Reverse tumbling to prevent tangling
Lint filter
1 hour manual time setting
Time delay 3, 6, 9 hour
Key lock
Finish beep signals
Stainless steel inside
Internal venting
Wrinkle guard
Automatic cooldown
Time Dry
Air Dry
Drying Rack
Designed for Reliability
End of Cycle Beeps
Preserving our precious resources with laundryOur washers have been designed around
energy efficiency using innovative technology such as:
The Eco Active Wash process
The Brushless DC motor
Fabric Sensing technology
High spin speed ability
Auto water level
Delay start
Controlled cold option
6 water temperatures
Precise water temperature control


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