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Wink Hair in Sydney

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Wink Hair in Sydney New South Wales

Verdict - below average rating.

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Established in 1994, Wink! Hair has been at the forefront of the Australian hair, beauty and fashion industry for the past decade. Not only have we worked alongside some of Australia’s finest designers at events such as Mercedes Fashion Week, we have also appeared in and styled for the likes of Australian Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Cleo, Shop ‘til you Drop and Instyle. Our team is passionate not only about creating beautiful hair through knowledge and expertise, but also providing personalised hair care that is specific to each client’s hair type.

We use, sell and recommend Kerastase, Kevin Murphy, MOP and American Crew products - all leaders in haircare technology. Every member of our team has undergone extensive training with these institutions to ensure you are prescribed the right products and rituals for your hair's individual needs. Our philosophy is simple - Impeccable service, exclusivity, indulgence and innovation!

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2011-07-13 14:53:28
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nice friendly staffvery poor mens haircut and unbalanced cut, unfortunately.This may just be my experience but I've had much better (and some worse!)

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