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Wananami Remote Community School Derby WA (Western Australia)

Wananami Remote Community School, in Derby

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Wananami Remote Community School Derby Western Australia


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Wananami Remote Community School, with its' picturesque grounds and proximity to awesome geographic features, is located approximately 300km east-north-east of Derby along the Gibb River Road. The school is a part of Kupungarri Community. Kupungarri Community operates and manages Mt Barnett Station and Mt Barnett Roadhouse. The school began serving the community at the beginning of the 1990 school year. It was officially opened on 6 September 1990 by the Honourable Dr Geoff Gallop (then Minister for Education).

Students live in Kupungarri Community or travel by school bus from Imintji Community (67km) or by private vehicles from Dodnun Community (50km).

Wananami RCS caters for students ranging from Kindergarten to post compulsory. Due to its' small size, secondary facilities and resources are limited, however the school offers a relevant and stimulating curriculum for all students. Post compulsory students are encouraged and welcome to attend.

The school is configured into three multi-aged classes:
K - 3
4 - 7
8 - 10 (& post compulsory)

The School is comprised of 2 demountable units, each housing 2 classrooms (one is used as a library resource room). There is a small teacher resource room and a small administration room. The School is networked and has satellite internet access in all teaching areas via the Department of Education and Training's wide area network.

Staffing at Wananami RCS consists of Principal, 3 Teachers, 1 AIEO and 1 Teacher Aide. There are also part time gardener and cleaning positions. Non-teaching positions are held by residents of the Community. The School's Registrar is located off-site in Derby.

Wananami RCS enjoys a unique, rugged and beautiful location. It is one of the more remote Kimberley schools and it is quite normal for the school and community to 'cut off' during the 'wet' due to heavy rains. These same conditions provide a spectacular and challenging environment in which to live and work.


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