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Pia Wadjarri Remote Community School Murchison Western Australia specialist

Pia Wadjarri Remote Community School, in Murchison

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Pia Wadjarri Remote Community School Murchison Western Australia

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Pia Wadjarri Remote Community School is situated 70kms from the Shire of Murchison, the only local government authority in Australia not centred in a town or regional centre.

The closest regional centre is Geraldton which is situated 330kms south west of Pia, travelling 220kms on unsealed roads to Yalgoo or Mullewa before 'turning right' on bitumen roads that lead to Geraldton. Although all roads in the Murchison Area are well maintained by the shire, road conditions are subject to the weather with flash floods making it 4WD access only at certain times of the year.


A strong sense of history is evident with the original land granted to the Wadjarri people by Sir John Forrest in recognition of their kindness in nursing him back to health at 'Bia Spring'. The surrounding pastoral stations abound in historical wealth and the Dreaming meets the present in the land and its people.

The school is an integral part of the Pia Wadjarri Aboriginal Community Incorporated, providing education for the community and employment for some community members. Approximately 70 people make up the community and the school has an enrolment of up to 20 students. Seeking to retain a community focus the school invites elders and community members to participate in school activities. Cultural learning is imperative for all students.

It all began when Rachel Papertalk (the current AIEO) and her mother Irene Simpson decided to teach Rachel's daughter and nephew in the community rather than send them away for their schooling. Rachel maintained her role as teacher as the number of children increased and the children were eventually enrolled as students of Meekatharra School of the Air. Numbers of students remained constant and the new school was built and opened in August 2002. Founder Principal was Gail Creswell.

The school logo, featuring a kangaroo, emu and bangarra on interwoven tracks connecting these levels, was designed by past student Ike Simpson.


The school buildings comprise of two classrooms which provide a learning environment for Kindergarten to Year 12; a Home Economics/Library and an administration block.

The school grounds feature adventure playground and grassed playing area. There are fruit trees, vegetable gardens, chickens, rooster and ducks, a Husbandry area and Aquaculture tanks which have marron and fish. An 'Active After School' program is being conducted at the school.

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2008-12-19 12:33:02
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the good things were the elders and the children. i was axcept with joy and smiles. i really enjoyed the community...the teachers at the school they are very young and have no knowledge of the ways of the comunity. i was very disappointed with this side...they are nolonger teaching the ways of their people. i was told, because of this most of the children are no longer attending school at all...a real shame.I am very disappointed with the lack of experience of the new teachers.

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