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Geographe Education Support Centre Busselton

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Geographe Education Support Centre Busselton Western Australia


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(As at first semester 2007) Geographe Education Support Centre caters for students with intellectual disabilities. We aim to provide opportunities for each student to achieve their optimum potential educationally, physically and socially through a learning program that offers support, encouragement and challenge, and will prepare the students to successfully take their place in society.

The Centre is one of two in the Warren-Blackwood Education District and has an intake which currently ranges south to Nannup, west to Yallingup, and east to Capel. The Centre is unique in that it is split across two school sites allowing continuity of specialist education for its students from Pre Primary - Year 12 as well as providing students with access to age appropriate curriculum and socialisation in the mainstream. To do this the Centre has facilities located at Geographe Primary School and Busselton Senior High School.

The Centre has excellent facilities and provides students access to a range of appropriate educational programs, purpose built therapy and changing areas and access to specialist facilities and staff in mainstream programs through Geographe Primary School and Busselton Senior High School. Geographe ESC has a strong focus on 'usable technology'. This means we look at how technology can provide our students with greater access to the curriculum through assistive technologies and allow them to achieve set outcomes. In 2007 we commence the Learning with ICT program which will further enhance the Centres' learning and teaching programs. We have upgraded the facilities at the High School site to provide a learning environment that supports the excellent learning programs currently in place for our High School students. We have provided a purpose built Sensory Room which will be utilised by all year levels and are currently upgrading kitchen facilities at the Primary site to enable students to acquire appropriate independent living skills. This also provides opportunities for the primary students to participate in inclusive learning with their peers from the Geographe Primary School.

Geographe Education Support Centre is a Merit Select school with a Principal, full-time and part-time highly qualified teachers, Education Assistants, a Social Trainer and a Registrar who have many cumulative years of experience working with students with disabilities. The Centre works closely with parents through meetings, learning journeys and parent evenings to ensure that staff, students and parents have common goals. Centre staff also take on the role of coordinators for learning areas in which they have expertise and interest. Staff from outside agencies also assist us to deliver educational programs. The School Nurse, Visiting Teachers from Vision Impairment, Deaf Education and the Centre for Inclusive Learning, Therapist from Disability Service Commission as well as the School Psychologist contribute to ensure all students needs are adequately met. We have formed excellent working partnerships with The South West College of TAFE and local employers to deliver our VET and Workplace Learning opportunities for our High School students. This, together with our links to Forrest Personnel Employment agency and Post School Options, ensures that our students are assisted with their transition to life after school.

The primary site has three groups: a junior group catering for students from Pre Primary to 3; a middle year group for years 3-6 and a senior group for the Years 6-7. The high school site has three groups; Years 8-9; 10 and 11 to 12.
All students participate in activities related to the eight learning areas, English, Mathematics, Health and Physical Education, Society and Environment, Science, The Arts, Technology and LOTE.
High School students participate in TAFE Certificate Studies, Structured Work Place Learning, Bush Ranger Cadet unit, the Duke of Edinburgh Award and community projects with Rotary and other service groups.

Students on both sites are engaged in inclusive learning programs. The Primary students participate in learning activities with their mainstream peers as well as participating in school sports, assemblies and other combined activities.

High School Students attend high school electives classes, sporting activities, assemblies and social activities.
We also provide specialist swimming lessons, protective behaviours education and daily living skills programs.


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