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Djidi Djidi Aboriginal School, in Bunbury

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Djidi Djidi Aboriginal School Bunbury Western Australia


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Djidi Djidi Aboriginal School was established in 1996 in order to better serve the needs of Noongar children in the South West city of Bunbury. This establishment was a direct result of extensive community consultation and community support.

The main aims of Djidi Djidi Aboriginal School are:

* to improve educational outcomes for Aboriginal students;
* to strengthen and affirm Aboriginal culture;
* to increase student attendance and retention at school; and
* to involve Aboriginal community members in school decision
making and in the student's educational programs.


Our purpose is to ensure that all students at Djidi Djidi Aboriginal School develop an awareness and pride in their own culture whilst applying their knowledge, understandings, skills and attitudes to achieve their individual potential, thereby enabling them to participate fully in the school and wider community. Adjustments to Teaching and Learning programs will be made to cater for the individual learning needs of students.


Djidi Djidi Aboriginal School provides a caring, supportive environment for all children, particularly Aboriginal children. We cater for individual learning styles, set high standards and have a strong belief that all children can learn. We believe and foster tolerance, diversity and working collaboratively. The three key elements are RESPECT, RELATIONSHIPS & RESPONSIBILITY.


The new school facilities were officially opened on July 7th 2004.

While the school was to be based on the State Government's Generic Brief for Primary Schools, a full consultation process was facilitated by Edgar Idle Wade to ensure the school represented the aspirations and visions of the Noongar community, celebrated the group's rich cultural heritage and engendered an ownership by the school community. The groups consulted were the students, parents and family members, school board, staff, elders, and Department of Housing and Works and Department of Education and Training representatives.

As Aboriginal culture is central to all Djidi Djidi's programs, the cultural centre (music, art, language and assembly/performance area) is situated in the middle of the school grounds. The colours of the buildings were made in consultation with the students to blend well with the natural environment.

The students, staff, parents and extended family members are proud and full of joy at how the architects have put their ideas and cultural values into the building design.

The new buildings won a second place Merit Award in the international Designshare awards for educational facility design. There were 2 first place Honour Awards to schools in Japan and the US, and 6 Merit Awards with 4 going to schools in the US, 1 in Singapore and 1 for Djidi Djidi!!
Devaugh Construction, the builders, won the Regional award for 'Excellence in Construction' with the Master Builders Association and EIW received a Certificate of Commendation from the MBA as architects on the project.

The opening was a huge celebration for all the Djidi Djidi community. We were proud to have many special guests join us on this special day.THE NATURE OF THE CATCHMENT AREA AND THE COMMUNITY

Djidi Djidi Aboriginal School provides a bus service to transport the students to and from school. Children travel from Australind, Kinkella Park, Wollaston, East Bunbury, Glen Padden, Glen Iris and Dalyellup.


The School Board is the School Council. The School Board comprises of up to 12 parent-community representatives plus the Principal and two staff members. This group is responsible for helping set the school policies and other areas relating to Aboriginal Culture.


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