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Yanchep District High School, in Yanchep

Details on this high school

Yanchep District High School Yanchep Western Australia


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Yanchep is a small coastal community located 60 kilometres north of Perth and 35 kilometres north of Joondalup. When a marina was built 13 kilometres north of Yanchep a second development was established around the marina known as Two Rocks. The two communities each have their own identities, but are at times referred to as 'Yanchep/Two Rocks'. Together the two areas have a population of approximately 5000 people. There are also small rural communities at Carabooda and the National Park. The main industries are fishing and tourism. Many people work out of the area and commute to the major commercial centres each day.

The students from all these areas attend the school and transport is provided for the students who do not reside in Yanchep. The school opened in 1975 as a primary school and was reclassified as a District High School in 1981. Students aged 4 years (Kindergarten) to 15 years (Yr 10) are provided with quality education experiences that enable them to achieve their full potential. It is planned to build a new primary school at Two Rocks to open in 2006.

An emphasis on development of the area is being actively pursued by the Western Australian Government. The IDEA (Innovation, Development, Employment, Applications) Project has been endorsed by Tokyu Corporation and the Premier of Western Australia. It is predicted that in the next 25-30 years the Project will promote a population increase by 120,000 and create 60,000 jobs.

Over 80% of the school staff are also members of the local community and there are strong links between the school and the community. This enables the students to learn in a sound, caring environment and to become responsible, and socially aware community members. A number of the local organisations provide support by sponsoring scholarships for students at the school.

The student population ranges from K-10 with the following numbers:

Kindergarten (K) 55 (4 year olds. pre-compulsory)
Pre-Primary (P) 58 (5 year olds, pre-compulsory)
Primary (1-7) 402
Secondary (8-10) 115

Total 630 students


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