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Malibu School Safety Bay WA (Western Australia)

Malibu School, in Safety Bay

Details on this secondary school

Malibu School Safety Bay Western Australia


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Malibu School is situated in the Fremantle/Peel Education District of Western Australia. Malibu is staffed with a range of fully trained specialist personnel forming a trans-disciplinary team offering intensive education and therapy programs to students with a wide range of intellectual and physical disabilities. Currently the school has twenty three trained teachers in part-time and full time positions. We have a 95.4% retention rate for teachers from the previous year. Qualifications for teachers are as follows, Masters of Education 1, Bachelor of Education 4, Bachelor of Arts 5, Bachelor of Psychology 1,Bachelor of Education Special Education 8, Graduate Diploma of Teaching 2, Graduate Diploma of Special Education 1, Graduate Diploma of Education 1, Diploma of Teaching 6, Diploma of Teaching Early Childhood Education 2, Diploma of Teaching Primary 1, Diploma of Counselling 1, English as Second Language 1 and one teacher with a Certificate of Education, Teaching.

The school provides placement for students from Kindergarten (four year olds) to seniors who graduate from school when they are eighteen.The Fremantle/Peel Education Support Placement Committee individually considers applications for placement in an Education Support setting. This committee examines assessments of the student's academic abilities, as well as physical and medical needs and recommends an appropriate placement. Students offered a place at Malibu School must meet the criterion of IQ 69 plus or minus the standard deviation.

The purpose of Malibu School is to improve educational opportunities for all students.

This purpose is based on the belief that:
* All children are individual with specific needs.
* All children can learn.
* Students develop skills across all curriculum areas.
* The social, emotional, physical and educational development of all children is best facilitated when parents, teachers, specialists and therapists work together as partners in the process.

It is our belief that students at Malibu will:
* Develop communication skills.
* Assume maximum personal responsibility.
* Develop realistic life expectations.
* Develop an appropriate level of social behaviour.
* Experience a wide variety of vocational, recreational and leisure activities.
* Develop an awareness of personal dignity in a positive, comfortable and safe environment.

It is our belief that staff will:
* Educate each student to maximise individual potential.
* Stimulate academic function, physical and social/emotional independence.
* Create the least restrictive environment possible for each individual.
* Work as part of a multi-disciplinary team for the benefit of the student.
* Treat each student with dignity.
* Work in a supportive environment.

It is our belief that parents will:
* Communicate and liaise with the school regarding home, school and community situations.
* Encourage the development of independence and self-reliance in their child.
* Reinforce their child's individual program at home.
* Provide a supportive home environment to maximise their child's potential for social, emotional and physical growth.
* Develop realistic expectations of their child's potential.
* Be partners in the education process of their child.
* Attend planning and review meetings at school to discuss their child's development.

To help us achieve our purpose an Individual Education Program (IEP) will be developed for each student. An IEP is a working document that identifies the student's academic, physical, social and emotional needs. It outlines a continuing plan to meet these needs and specifies resources required. It is a realistic plan that is uncomplicated and easily understood by teachers, education assistants, specialists, therapists and parents. It is a critical component for the successful education of a student with special needs. There are many steps to designing a program and we value parents as partners in investigating these steps in our attempt at achieving an ideal program for their child and also ensuring we accommodate family priorities.


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