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Kalgoorlie Boulder Community High School Kalgoorlie WA (Western Australia)

Kalgoorlie Boulder Community High School, in Kalgoorlie

Details on this high school

Kalgoorlie Boulder Community High School Kalgoorlie Western Australia

Verdict - quite positive rating.

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2009-01-15 20:14:05
Added by Anonymous
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Teachers are good at this school. They know alot and therefore it reflects well off the children that attend the school. I attended this school and it provided a great deal of help for me and my future career that i wish to pursue.Some students that attend the schol do not take it seriously and therefore make it harder for other students to learn and also for the teachers to teach.Good school. Good teachers. Good curriculum though it may need an update.

2009-04-22 00:35:13
Added by Anonymous
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Great subject choice. Very dedicated and enthusiastic teaching staff.As with all schools the 5% of student population that don't want to be there.A positive learning environment with the opportunities provided that you need to succeed.

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