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Halls Head Community College, in Halls Head

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Halls Head Community College Halls Head Western Australia

Verdict - somewhat negative rating.

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The catchment area of Halls Head Community College is the 'island' of Halls Head and all points South to the Waroona Shire boundary. The contributory primary schools are Glencoe, Halls Head, Falcon and Ocean Road. The school provides a secondary education for students in years 8, 9 and 10 who live in the rapidly growing coastal strip, South of Mandurah.2. STAFFING PROFILE
The teaching staff have a wide range of experience - from 5 graduates to 37 years. Of the 40 teaching staff currently at the school, 13 were appointed through employer initiated placement. The remaining teachers were either selected on merit or placed centrally on end-dated appointments.

The school administration consists of. Principal, Deputy Principal, Learning Team Coordinators (x3), Learning Area Consultants (x4).

Non-teaching positions include: Registrar, School Officers (x3), Library Assistant, Laboratory Assistant, Home Economics Assistant, Gardener.

The Student Services team consists of. Deputy Principal, Learning Team Coordinators, Nurse (0.6), School Psychologist (0.3) and School Based Police Officer.3. SPECIAL FEATURES OF THE SCHOOL
Halls Head Community College is one of the first purpose-built middle schools in WA. There are four learning team areas that provide a home base for the teams.

Specialist facilities include:
- A performing arts centre with sprung wooden floor;
- Specialist music teaching and practice rooms;
- An extensive special services block catering for media, food technology, design and technology, visual arts, science and information technology;
- A tiered lecture theatre;
- A high tech library resource centre;
- A community use gymnasium;
- A speciality designed canteen that features a cafeteria style self serve.

The students are organised into learning teams. Typically a team consists of 110 students and 4 dedicated teachers. The teachers collaborate to design and deliver an integrated curriculum to the students within the team. All students in years 8 and 9 have a fixed course that covers all eight learning areas. When the students leave their team area they rotate through the various contexts on offer in the areas of Arts, T&E, HPE and LOTE. Year 10 students have a choice of contexts in The Arts, T&E, HPE and LOTE.

There is a strong emphasis on information and communication technology. Students have access to the internet and email throughout the school. Halls Head Community College has adopted 'thin client' technology that provides a fast, reliable service to staff and students and at the same time reduces the costs of managing the network.4. SCHOOL DECISION-MAKING AND CONSULTATION PROCESSES
The Management Committee directs the school's operations. The committee meets weekly. Membership consists of all nine school administrators and representatives from all eight learning areas. The Principal of the collocated Education Support Centre is also a member of Management.

Staff meetings are held twice per term. All staff have the opportunity to place items on the agenda. These meetings provide a forum for sharing best practice.

The School Council consists of. Principal, five parent reps and 2 staff reps. The council plays, a vital role in endorsing school priorities, ratifying the budget, setting school fees and endorsing the school dress code.

The Student Council consists of three reps from each of the three years. The councillors are the voice for the student body in the decision-making process.5. MAJOR DIFFICULTIES
The only difficulties that are envisaged at this stage are:
- The ability to cater for a rapidly expanding student population on a relatively small site
- The ongoing cost of maintaining a state-of-the-art Learning Technologies system.6. SCHOOL HISTORY
Halls Head Community College is an 8 to 10 middle school that opened for students on 5 February 2001.

Current enrolments are: year 8 (241), year9 (237), year 10 (199). HHCC shares premises with Halls Head Education Support Centre that has 40 students enrolled.

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2008-10-21 17:27:56
Added by Anonymous
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for my son,nonethe students in different forms are segregated from each other,children of different levels are not allowed to mingle with each other throughout the day.The students arn,t allowed on the ovals at recess and linch,people wonder why there are obese kids at school,well here is a school that WONT aallow the kids to play.Bullying is rife,both towards students and teachers,and if your child doesn,t want to be a scientist then look out,as it seems to be about the only subject you here about,if your child starts around mid year dont axpect any report cards as they dont do it because they havnt done a full yearvery very dissapointed,i can only hope my son is happier at his new school.
2011-05-19 23:33:41
Added by Anonymous
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The school is nearbyCould do with a renovation as it doesn't look very goodPretty average

2011-08-31 10:35:38
Added by Anonymous
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My son is now in year 10 and he has decided to stay on for year 11 & 12 at HHCC, one of the reasons being the good relationship he has with the teachers here. He has never had any problems at this school and he is a young man who wants to learn and aims to attend uni in the future. He is a not a quiet boy at all but very popular with both other children & teachers. He attended a brilliant country week and just got back from a brilliant trip to Sydney & Canberra.My son & I havent experienced any significant bad things in the three years he has been attending.I think there are negative things in all schools. There are bullies at all schools. Children will learn if they have the movivation to, at most schools. In my opinion, HHCC is no different than any other school.

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