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Governor Stirling Senior High School Woodbridge Western Australia secondary school

Governor Stirling Senior High School, in Woodbridge

Details on this high school

Governor Stirling Senior High School Woodbridge Western Australia

Verdict - extremely positive rating.

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Situated on the picturesque banks of the Swan River in Woodbridge (formerly West Midland), Governor Stirling Senior High School was established in its present location in 1958. As well as a strong sense of tradition the school enjoys an outstanding record of academic and sporting excellence. Governor Stirling SHS maintains a population of approximately 1000 students. Included in this number are approximately 80 students from across the state that reside at Swanleigh Residential College and add a further dimension to the school community. The school is close to the centre of Midland and draws students from a wide range of feeder primary schools throughout the Swan District.

The school has a diverse population, catering for all students and their educational needs. Governor Stirling Senior High School offers Academic Talent Programs in both Mathematics/Science and Humanities and students attending the school may be selected for one or both of these, which offer an enriched challenging course. Approximately 80 Aboriginal students participate in mainstream curriculum. The school is working to incorporate an Aboriginal perspective across the Learning Areas and create a learning environment that is culturally and appropriately inclusive for Aboriginal and ethnic students.

Students experiencing difficulties with Literacy receive intensive tutoring as a part of the Literacy & Numeracy Program. The Education Support Unit caters for 10 students in Years 8, 9 and 10 who require additional education support to access the curriculum giving them the opportunity to maximise their learning potential.

With a total of five grass tennis courts and five indoor squash courts as well as numerous other sporting facilities, the school is able to satisfy many sporting interests of its students. A special music program encourages students to become competent as instrumentalists and develops their musicianship. Governor Stirling Senior High School has a sophisticated computer network, which provides the ICT facilities for current learning styles. Students have the opportunity to undertake exchange and cultural programs overseas and each year students from many countries attend the school to enhance the experience of learning another language.

At Governor Stirling Senior High School, the many varied needs and interests of students are catered for. The school's ethos of excellence sets the expectation that students will achieve to the best of their ability. The provision of academically rigorous courses and the breadth of opportunity, explains why parents, many from country areas, send their children to this school. Parents and the school community work together to provide a challenging and supportive environment, which promotes the development of a well-rounded citizen, with a commitment to life long learning.


84 per cent are students from the local area and our contributory primary schools. 8.5 per cent are students from Swanleigh Residential College - they are from rural and isolated areas of Western Australia. Most are from country primary schools or district high schools. 7.5 per cent are selected students who take part in the Academic Talent programs.


1 Principal, 3 Deputy Principals (Middle School, Senior School and Whole School), 1 Program Coordinator, 9 Heads of Department and 85 teaching staff.

Non Teaching Staff: 1 Business Manager, 1 Regional Technician, 2 Laboratory Assistants, 7 School Officers (5 clerical, 2 library), 2 Home Economics Assistants, 0.8 School Nurse, 0.6 Chaplain, 1.0 School Psychologist, 2 Aboriginal Islander Education Officers, 1 Community Liaison Officer, 1 Education Support Assistant and 1 Reading Resources teacher.

Secondary Student Services: 1 Career/VET coordinator, 1 Student Services coordinator, 3 0.6 Year coordinators.


Lawn tennis courts
Kayaks and canoes for river paddling
Hockey oval
Air-conditioned Computer rooms
Separate Student Services Centre
Air-conditioned library
Weights room
Asphalt basketball courts
Squash courts
Air-conditioned gymnasium
Playgroup grounds and classroom
Aboriginal Education Resources Centre

Organisation and structure - 5 days, 5 periods M to Fri, approx 60 minutes per period.

Technology and Management Administration system: 1 School Assistant, as SIS System Manager, 1 school contracted employee as technology maintenance officer.
1 School staff member receives 0.2 FTE to supervise the technician and respond to school needs.

Specialist courses: Academic Talented Program, both Mathematics/Science and Humanities areas, Academic Talented Program On-Line (Provides ATP classes to country students.), Special Dance, Special Netball and Special Football (Australian).

School Decision Making and Consultation process: School committees, Executive Team and Senior Staff Meetings, Two general Staff meetings per term, School Council (4 parent, 4 Staff, 2 Students and Principal ex officio).

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2008-12-27 18:19:49
Added by suzanne
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the choice of subjects is varied, the opportunities to succeed at this school is great, as long as you are willing to put in the effort. I never had a teacher that I did not like, although I may of just been lucky.

the buildings are oldloved it, would like to see it rebuilt on the same land,
2009-04-17 02:32:34
Added by Anonymous
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the football programthe facilitiesgood school, good kids, better facilities to nurture talents.

2009-05-05 19:12:31
Added by Anonymous
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Some teachers. The river.Mosquetoes. Bad KidsIt's alright

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