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Carnamah District High School, in Carnamah

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Carnamah District High School Carnamah Western Australia


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Carnamah District High School caters for children from Kindergarten through to Year 11. Carnamah is situated 300kms north of Perth, and 200kms south-east of Geraldton, within the Mid West Education District. The School's population, at present is 160 children. Students within the Early Childhood Education and Primary sections of the school live within the town of Carnamah, or the immediate catchment area. The Secondary section also draws children from Coorow, Eneabba, Perenjori and Three Springs.

The Carnamah District is predominantly a wheat and sheep farming area, with associated agricultural business and services. The Carnamah town has a population of approximately 400 people, with other surrounding towns being of similar size.

All classrooms are fully air-conditioned and heated. The school has a large number of computers with at least two computers available for every room. Students also have access to a computer laboratory. All computers are networked and linked to the Internet. There are also a number of specialist teaching areas and rooms.

One of the strengths of the school is the staff which is very stable. There is an appropriate mix of experienced and young teachers who enjoy a good rapport with the students. Pastoral Care is a very important facet and the school provides a supportive and caring environment for all. A range of teaching styles and strategies are used but there is always an emphasis on high standards.

The school is promoted as a Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Learning. The academic and social skills of the students are highly developed and the school enjoys a good reputation in the community. This is supported by an excellent retention rate until the end of Year 10. The first intake of Year 11 students started in 2005 with the small number of students undertaking School-Based Traineeships. Exit surveys of Year 10 students, show virtually all students go on to Year 11 and, apart from Carnamah, attend other schools, including Geraldton, Perth and Morawa.

Behaviour standards of the students are judged to be exceptionally high, due to a strong behaviour management policy, which has been in place for a number of years. The school has a compulsory dress code policy, with all students wearing the school uniform. The Student Council is involved in decision-making and is consulted with regard to most important issues.

The P&C Association is very proactive in raising funds and undertaking various projects for the school which are mostly involved in improvements to the school grounds. The School Council ensures that the school continues to seek ways in which to improve standards. The school promotes inclusivity and seeks input from students, parents, staff and community members at all times.


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