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Atwell College Atwell Western Australia secondary school

Atwell College, in Atwell

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Atwell College Atwell Western Australia

Verdict - somewhat negative rating.

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Atwell College will seek to fully develop each child’s intellectual, physical and social/emotional capacity to enable each to become active, world citizens with an informed concern for Earth's environment and each person’s impact upon it.  The College will foster a strong connection to society and its values, a strong sense of personal self worth and a valuing of each individual demonstrated through respect and concern for all.
  • Atwell College seeks excellence and expects its students to aim high and to achieve to their maximum potential.
  • Atwell College matches student capabilities and aspirations to pathways of future success.
  • Atwell College provides a safe and caring learning environment, supportive of inclusive practices, in which ALL school community members play their part.
  • Atwell College staff knows that all students can learn and expects each of them to be personally responsible for his/her achievement.
  • Atwell College community seeks a holistic development of each child academically, socially and emotionally assisting each towards a positive adulthood.
  • Atwell College will be an active community partner and seeks community links and assistance within school programs where appropriate.
  • Atwell College understands that student health is important and will provide positive exercise and health programs to prepare students for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Atwell College actively promotes within its students a concern for the environment and the global impact of their actions.

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2009-03-27 16:56:39
Added by Anonymous
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hardly anything it trully is very poorwell... atwell college is teaching us things we learnt in year 4. No extra essential cirriculims. poor rules, everone gets away with alot, its plainly a bad facility offering nothing that primary school would'ntjust plainly terrible
2009-04-21 20:02:16
Added by Anonymous
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Its uniform is perfectly alright. Thanks guys.Its considered a little bit dodgy and has a bad reputation after only just opening. The fees are also quite large for the quality of education. Thanks guys.Generally not somewhere i would consider somewhere i would send my kids. Definitely needs a little bit of help from the government and people around. The kids there deserve something a little better for sure. Thanks guys.

2009-05-09 09:43:25
Added by Anonymous
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Its the best government school I have ever seenLast year it was hard because the building werent finished but this year we have everything we ever needIts a great school, everyone is very friendly
2013-11-06 00:57:05
Added by Anonymous
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This school has come along way and my son is very happy and is also over achieving in his resultsThe rugby class students seem to get away with a lotIts been great for my son and he is happy.

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