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Applecross Senior High School Ardross Western Australia secondary school

Applecross Senior High School, in Ardross

Details on this high school

Applecross Senior High School Ardross Western Australia


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In 'Developing Citizens of the Future': We are committed to excellence and optimum development so that our graduates are well-adjusted, creative, have resilience and self-esteem and are able to contribute to society.

Location and Specialist Programs
Established in 1958, Applecross Senior High School is located in the pleasant near-riverside suburb of Ardross, close to Garden City Shopping Centre, Booragoon bus transport hub, and the Melville City Council buildings and Public Library. The school has established and sustained a reputation for high academic, sporting and cultural achievements, winning many academic exhibitions, awards and competitions and consistently is a high performing public high school.
Qualified and experienced teachers with a commitment to excellence attract students from outside our local intake area to the Specialist Programs in Visual Arts (Gifted and Talented) and elite Tennis. Within the school, places in Academic Extension programs in English, Science, Mathematics, Society & Environment and French and Japanese, along with Drama, Dance and Music (Junior and Senior String Orchestras, Junior Intermediate and Senior Concert Bands, a Jazz Band and Guitar Ensemble) are keenly sought by students. Chess is also a strong co-curricular program, as are Debating, Creative Writing and many sports. Applecross SHS is one of the Department's Hundred Schools selected for specialist Information & Communications Technology.
Applecross, Ardross, Booragoon, Brentwood, Mt Pleasant and Winthrop are the contributory primary schools.

Student Profile
Annually about 60 to 70 percent of its students seek with success to enter a university, and others achieve entry to Technical and Further Education or directly to employment. Those achieving university entrance do so with higher than the state entry TER, and continue to successful completion of their qualifications. There are a small number of Year 11 and Year 12 students in School Apprenticeship Link programs, School-Based Traineeships and in Structured Workplace Learning. The school celebrates its cultural diversity, with about 50 percent of its student population from non-European backgrounds.
Famous alumni include media personalities Deborah Kennedy and Mara Pritchard, maritime museum director Graeme Henderson, and cartoonist Dean Alston.

Parent Community and Staff Profile
Parent involvement is valued and encouraged through the P & C and Canteen, school Committees, and School Council. Active groups support the programs in Art, Tennis and Music. A School Bulletin is posted home three times per term. The Student Homework Diary details the school's assessment policy, the student Clothing Code and other essential information for families. Development of positive relationships with parents and students is fostered by the staff's stability, expertise and long-term commitment to the school. This year there are 110 members of the teaching faculty, and 28 support staff working together to maximise each student's opportunities for development.

Facilities: Applecross Senior High School has excellent facilities, including two ovals, a swimming pool, Performing Arts Centre for Dance, Drama and Music, Hall/gymnasium, six synpave tennis courts, 2 basketball courts, a purpose-built Special Art Centre, Design and Technology Centre, 11 Science Laboratories, 6 Computing Laboratories, with a total of 206 computers for student use. Its 1958-vintage buildings have large classrooms which have been networked for Learning with Technology, students have on-line access via classroom computers to the Library Resources Centre and the Internet. The school environment has recently been refurbished from both state and federal government funding sources, in consultation with parent and teacher representatives. The P&C has among its many projects funded air-cooling of the entire school, and has provided under-cover areas and picnic-style seating in the quadrangles for the students' comfort and convenience.

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