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Fawkner Secondary College, in Fawkner

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Verdict - somewhat negative rating.

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2011-08-13 08:45:55
Added by Anonymous
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This school has completely changed. Now known as John Fawkner College. New principal and new staff who care about improving student outcomes. Has some great programs such as it's soccer and netball academySome Buildings are being upgraded, however needs more funding to modernize the schoolThis school is a bit of a hidden jewel in Moreland. Parents in this area need to wake up and stop sending their children to schools outside their own area. I am a very happy parent.and am thrilled that we now have a quality school in our local area.

2011-12-07 01:45:26
Added by Anonymous
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Great school. Totally changed in every way. High school for Coburg lobby group should take a very close look at this school at a optionNeeds the Moreland community to support a progressive and improved school such as this. Still too many people who think schools outside the area are better. Sad to think people choose to live in a community yet not fully support a school who are doing everything possible .So happy to see the change in this school.

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