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Caroline Springs College Caroline Springs Victoria secondary school

Caroline Springs College, in Caroline Springs

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Caroline Springs College Caroline Springs Victoria


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The College is in its 7th year of operation. Presently there are 3 campuses: Brookside Campus (P-9), Creekside Campus (K9) and Lakeview Later Years Campus (10-12).  A fourth campus (Springside) is planned for 2009 to cater for K-9 students in our Northern Neighbourhood.  In February 2007 the total student population was 1889.

The curriculum is divided into Early Years P-4, Middle Years 5-9 and Later Years 10-12. There is a real focus on specific teaching skills aligned to age and need. The teachers are focusing on developing high order thinking skills and embedding Information and Communications Technology across each subject or key learning area of the curriculum.

The teachers are a professional team of educators who are committed to lifelong learning and developing the full potential of each student. Our parents are enthusiastic and inclusive. They are integral members of the community.  We share an understanding of a high level of learning. As a direct result, our students are positive and ready to learn. The educational environment is conducive to the discovery of knowledge and developing a real sense of achievement for all. This is consistent with our motto of 'World Class Learning'. As a community of learners we spend time developing social competencies found in our 8 key values: Happiness, Respect, Knowledge, Responsibility, Community, Lifelong Learning, Teamwork and Achievement.

Our educational environment is unique. Our students are fortunate to be part of an innovative learning precinct where the key values of sharing and creative maximisation of resources is abounds between key providers. There are partnerships forged with the private - Mowbray College - and Catholic Schools - Christ the Priest Catholic Primary School - as well as the Shire of Melton and Delfin Lendlease.  This creates a potential of World Class Learning for everyone at Caroline Springs. We are building the community capacity at Caroline Springs. 


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