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Alexandra Secondary College Alexandra Victoria secondary school

Alexandra Secondary College, in Alexandra

Details on this secondary college

Alexandra Secondary College Alexandra Victoria


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Alexandra Secondary College is situated in the rural township of Alexandra 130km from Melbourne within the Goulburn North Eastern Region.  Its 470 students are drawn from the greater district of Alexandra which includes the townships of Marysville, Narbethong, Buxton, Taggerty, Thornton, Eildon, Molesworth, Yarck and Merton.  The economic base of the surrounding communities that the college serves are primarily in the areas of tourism, forestry, agriculture and government services.

Alexandra Secondary College is striving to develop a culture of shared responsibility, personal safety and mutual respect for each other and the environment.  The College aspires to challenge the staff and students by providing a curriculum which is enjoyable, challenging, stimulating and encouraging of personal and community achievement.  The College values which include respect, achievement, challenge, enjoyment, responsibility and safety were developed following an extensive consultation process with the community.

The College curriculum provides for a common program at years 7 & 8 in each of the key learning areas of study.  Year 9 and 10 students undertake core studies in English and Mathematics and elect studies from each of the other learning areas.  Student electives are regulated to ensure that each student undertakes a minimum requirement in each area of study over two years.  This system, which enables students to pursue additional studies in preferred learning areas, provides a sound preparation for the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and/or the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL).  The college offers a broad range of studies at the VCE level and runs a VCAL program.  Links with TAFE colleges have also been established which provide vocational courses for students.


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