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Callaghan College, in Wallsend Campus Wallsend

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Callaghan College Wallsend Campus Wallsend New South Wales


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Wallsend High School is committed to providing the best possible educational opportunities for students by:
  • focusing on quality learning and teaching
  • encouraging independent lifelong learning
  • developing relevant skills and knowledge
  • supporting students through effective welfare programs and discipline strategies
  • using technology to enhance learning
  • offering and valuing a wide curriculum and extra curricular activities
  • and encouraging and enabling parents and the wider community to be involved in school activities.
Our school has very close links with its primary feeder schools and is a partner in the Wallsend Community of Schools. Shared programs exist to support students in primary to secondary transition, literacy, gifted and talented education, student leadership, mathematics, technology and the social sciences.

Our educational partnership with Jesmond University and Waratah Technology High Schools, the University of Newcastle and the Hunter Institute of Technology will be formally recognised with the establishment of Callaghan College from 2001.


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