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Wirrabirra Primary School Gosnells Western Australia primary school

Wirrabirra Primary School, in Gosnells

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Wirrabirra Primary School Gosnells Western Australia

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Wirrabirra Primary School is situated in the Perth metropolitan area in the Gosnells City Council locality. The school is in the Canning Education District. The school campus shares its facilities with an Education Support Centre and operates a fully inclusive program with students from the primary school. The inclusion has enabled the education programs for all students to be supported by teacher expertise from the Primary School and Education Support Centre. The campus is referred to as Wirrabirra School.

Enrolments are currently 432 Kindergarten to Year Seven students. The school has an off-site Kindergarten operating to complement the Pre-Primary to Year 7 on site.

Wirrabirra operates sixteen teaching classes across the school. In addition we have a Library Resource Centre, Music Room, Undercover Area and Canteen. The school also has a purpose built Dental Therapy Unit on site.

The School was opened in 1970 and features an open plan design comprising four main teaching areas. All buildings are fully air-conditioned.

The school grounds are quite extensive with a large grassed oval, two basketball courts and three adventure play areas. All gardens and grounds are fully reticulated and the building areas are security fenced.

The teaching staff of Wirrabirra has a wide range of experience from varied backgrounds in education. All staff undertake regular professional development to keep them up to date on current trends and programs particular to our school.

The learning program is based around the Curriculum Framework and outcomes based education using Student Outcome Statements. A variety of teaching strategies and philosophies are used across the school with staff developing a more student centred developmental approach.

The school operates specialist programs in Physical Education, Music, LOTE (Italian) and a modified Library program.

Wirrabirra has a very strong pastoral care focus with a number of programs operating. Students have access to PATHS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies), Rainbows (Support program for students experiencing loss or grief) and a SAER (Students at Educational Risk) support team. In addition, the parents have access to the Positive Parenting Program and a Parent Information Centre.

The use of learning technologies as an integral part of our teaching is developing rapidly. The school is fully networked using a fibre optic cable network.

The school has an active and supportive Parents and Citizens Association that meets regularly. The P&C oversee the operations of the School Canteen and Clothing Pool. A number of sub committees support the school through fundraising. The P&C have made strong commitments to improving our school buildings, grounds and educational resources.
The School Council is well represented by parents who participate in the development of school planning, policy and future directions.

Wirrabirra provides our students with a quality educational program within a supportive and progressive school. Pastoral care is a particular strength of Wirrabirra Primary and is seen as part of the learning process.

For further information please visit our school website:

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2008-10-23 00:17:49
Added by Anonymous
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wirrabirra is a great school because it has the biggest primary school oval in WA. wirrabirra also has a great library and nice teachers.(most)there is no bad things.great people,excellent education and just a great school
2008-11-01 13:09:09
Added by Anonymous
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the oval and school size.the bullying is getting a bit badthe school overall is a excellent school. probably better than greenbushes primary school

2008-11-23 12:45:31
Added by Anonymous
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lots of sport activities and most of the teachers are great and the environment is excellentlots of mosquito's in the toiletsan EXCELLENT SCHOOL but sometimes the fees can get pricey
2008-12-06 12:36:20
Added by Anonymous
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big big big ovallots of mosquitoes in boys toilet.not much excursions.the school was made in 1970, but it's an a bit better than average
2013-07-25 21:38:50
Added by Anonymous
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The Education Support Centre and its staff are excellent.That children from outside of the local intake area cant attend the primary school even if their sibling attends the Education Support Centre.Great school.

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