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Richmond Primary School, in East Fremantle

Details on this primary school

Richmond Primary School East Fremantle Western Australia

Verdict - quite positive rating.

Compare with all other primary schools.
Richmond Primary School is located within the town of East Fremantle's district. It is the only school in the Town of East Fremantle and has been a 'local intake' school since 2003. This means that children who live within the school intake area are given preferential enrolment rights. Usually each class is filled entirely by 'local intake' students. Applications for enrolment should be made during term 3.

The school commenced in 1921. It is set on a small area of ground in a residential area and the buildings follow a traditional design. Space is at a premium as the school only occupies an area half the preferred size.

Currently Richmond Primary School comprises:

- a 4 year old on-site kindergarten, catering for 40 students.
- a pre primary centre, catering for 54 students. This is located approximately 50m from the main school site on the corner of Osborne Road and Fraser Street.
- a primary school, consisting of 12 classes and catering for 340 students.

The primary school buildings comprise 13 classrooms, including one transportable classroom, supported by a well equipped library, art/craft room, undercover assembly area, canteen, sports store and two multi-purpose courts

The staff are experienced teachers, many of whom have been in the school for several years. The staff consists of a Principal, two Deputy Principals and twenty classroom teachers. Specialist staff include an Art teacher, a Music teacher, a Japanese Language teacher and an I.T. co-ordinator.

Non-teaching staff are led by the Registrar and comprise a number of teachers assistants and special needs assistants, a school officer, library officer, cleaners and a gardener.

The school maintains academic results above the state average and on a par with similar socio-economic schools.

The school works in partnership with the local community and is well supported by an active P & C Association, which meets twice a term and encourages parent participation to support the educational program.

The School Council, comprising the Principal, two teachers and four parents meets once a term.

Specialist classes are timetabled for every child in art and music. Sport is coordinated by the deputy principal and students participate in interschool swimming, athletics, soccer, football, netball and volleyball and in a range of specialist clinics such as basketball.

Other local organisations use the school facilities out of hours to provide additional extra-curricular activities for students, including in 2005, violin, piano, guitar, tennis and football.

Fortnightly assemblies give students the opportunity to perform for their peers and are unsually attended by well over fifty parents. Fortnightly newsletters keep parents informed of important school information.

Richmond PS is a wonderful old character building with a 'community feel'. We have experienced, forward looking and positive teachers and bright, happy children.

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2009-01-23 15:30:01
Added by ElaineBradley
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It is a lovely well established school with a long history in the community.  Parents who attended Richmond as kids, now send their own children, in somc cases, their children have the same teachers their parents did. 
The Canteen, open three days a week relies on its roster of parent volunteers.  The menu provides many enticing but healthy options.
The School Fete (every four years) run by volunteers and a hit with the community,  raises funds for equipments and items that can't be supplied by the Ed Dept.
Disabilities are embraced in the most positive and supportive manner the school can supply.  Negative behaviour, particularly towards the small number of children with disabilities is not tolerated by staff, students or parents. 
The support a reader voluntary program allows for extra literacy  support for some students. The kids are generally sunny, healthy, positive and kind. 
The school is a focal point for much of the local community.  Even when it is closed, families use the oval and playgrounds as a meeting place.  Sometimes, the parents don't seem to want to leave after dropping their kids off.
The school is limited in size being in the middle of an established suburb and without any avenues for growth on any side. 
Safety issues due to parking and traffic at pick  up time.  In fact most families attending actually live very close by, and could walk when necessary.  It is drivers who do not observe the protocol which is in place to create a safe environment  who cause problems.
Green leafy suburb, aware supportive parents, committed professional staff, a very cohesive community.  A great place to send your children.

2009-02-19 14:35:07
Added by Anonymous
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nothing is goodeverything is badbad school

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