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Port Hedland Primary School Port Hedland Western Australia primary school

Port Hedland Primary School, in Port Hedland

Details on this primary school

Port Hedland Primary School Port Hedland Western Australia


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School Overview

Port Hedland Primary School is well situated at the Cooke Point end of Port Hedland. The current Port Hedland Primary School was built in 1998 after the amalgamation of Cooke Point and Port Hedland primary schools. The school has four teaching and learning areas each consisting of four classrooms, storerooms and a wet area. It has dedicated visual arts, music, information technology rooms and an extensive, well resourced library.

The school also has basketball courts, a covered assembly area and two well used playground areas. Ample recreation areas are available as the town oval backs onto the school and is utilised by both the school and the community. Due to the support and funding from the community, the school has an ongoing shade construction program, creating ample permanent shade areas throughout the school. Though the only government school in Port Hedland, South Hedland is located 13kms away and houses another three primary schools, a secondary school and education support centre.

Port Hedland Primary caters for a diverse student population. The mining companies who are significant employers in Port Hedland, employ families from Africa, Asia, Europe and the eastern states of Australia. We therefore have a considerable multicultural population in addition to an indigenous population of 14>20a significant number of identified PEAC students and special needs students.

Staff Profile
Teaching staff are a mix of experienced teachers through to graduates. Experienced staff work with younger staff to create teaching and learning teams. The school is fortunate to have 'Getting It Right' Numeracy and Science teachers. These teachers are trained to support colleagues in improving the numeracy and science outcomes of students. In addition, the school has an experienced support team of education assistants, an Aboriginal Education Officer and office staff.

School Focus Areas
* The administration team is working with staff to develop cohesive teaching teams, we aim to develop curriculum leadership across the staff.
* We strive to develop and maintain clear and positive channels of communication with the community.
* Our focus areas are the development of effective teaching and learning programs that cater for the needs of all students including those at educational risk.
* We have a pastoral care program that is constantly monitored and reviewed.
* The school will be part of the 100 Schools and ICT Project in 2007.

Community Partnerships
Port Hedland Primary School has positive partnerships with parent groups and local employers. Through the School Council, P&C and Parents of Indigenous Students (PSPI), parents have opportunities to have a say in school decision making and support students and teachers. Due to the generosity of local employers, the school is able to access additional resources and funding.School Motto: 'The Future is in Our Hands'


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