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Pinjarra Primary School Pinjarra Western Australia primary school

Pinjarra Primary School, in Pinjarra

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Pinjarra Primary School Pinjarra Western Australia


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Pinjarra Primary School is located in the town of Pinjarra, approximately 100 kilometres south of Perth. The town is surrounded by rich pastoral land which is used extensively for both beef and dairy cattle. This, combined with the mining operations of Alcoa, gives the region and the school a diverse culture.

The school opened in 1959, on its present site, with approximately 100 students. Since then, the enrolment has increased regularly to be now more than 600.

Multi Age Grouping is a feature of the School with combinations of two year groups in each class. Linked to MAG are the phase learning teams for Upper, Middle, Junior and Primary School.

The social and emotional development of all students is a focus throughout the School. The diverse needs of the students are catered for through the school's inclusive practices in academic and practical areas of the curriculum. Guided interaction between senior and junior students is encouraged to provide support and role models for the younger children, and the fostering of acceptance and cooperation by the senior students.

We have a pastoral care system that provides support for students in all aspects of their schooling. Support is provided to students in the early years by Early Intervention (Literacy) and Getting it Right (Numeracy) specialist teachers. Additionally our Learning Support Coordinator works with all staff to develop inclusive programs.

The teaching staff have a range of experiences - from newly graduated to long serving. Combined with the non-teaching (classroom) and other support staff the school has an enthusiastic and caring culture. We have maintained specialist teachers in some practical areas to ensure that the students are provided with the best opportunities.

Special programs operate for all years in the Primary School in the areas of: Music, Physical Education, Art, Computing and LOTE. In addition to the School's Music Program, Peripatetic teachers provided by the School of Instrumental Music provide instrumental training for selected students . The music program has a history of success in the school and communityand our music teacher was a recent recipient of a National Excellence in Teaching Award (NEiTA). The regular music program is supplemented by special interest groups such as the School Choir, Training Choir, Rock Bank and Percussion Groups.

School facilities are generally well maintained and continually being improved. Through the efforts of a supportive P&C Association, the school is fully airconditioned. The P&C is proactive in assisting to maintain facilities by providing labour and materials as necessary.

Our computing facilities are excellent, with desktop computers in every classroom for student use. Additionally, the computer laboratory is set up with state-of-the-art equipment to accommodate a full class. Students have access to a variety of software packages for both educational and leisure purposes. The Internet is accessible from each work station in the school.

Significant projects that we are involved with include: 100 Schools; Behaviour Management and Discipline; Aussie Optimisim; Getting it Right (Numeracy); Peer Mentoring; Friendly Schools and Families; Active After School Communities; and Family Links.


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