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North Kalgoorlie Primary School, in Kalgoorlie

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North Kalgoorlie Primary School Kalgoorlie Western Australia


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North Kalgoorlie Primary School is located in the vibrant yet tranquil suburb of Lamington. Lamington is one of Kalgoorlie's oldest and finest suburbs. The school first opened in 1902 and boasts a tradition and spirit that brings all ex and current North Kalers together as one.

Students at North Kalgoorlie Primary School are from varied backgrounds. Some are fourth generation Kalgoorlie born families. Some are families involved in the mining industry who move location regularly. Others are from various aboriginal groups around the state and country.

Our school's success is based on building partnerships through clear and consistent communication. We have an extremely hard working and forward thinking staff supported by a strong P&C, ASSPA and School Council. Parents form part of the team developing and implementing programs that meet the needs of all individual students.

Being included and inclusive is what we value and aspire to as a school, system and society. We have Pastoral Care as a priority and inclusivity is a large part of this. Defining inclusivity is the first step in establishing what it means to us and therefore what we need to do to support and develop it. Currently we run a number of programs across the school supporting our focus of developing a safe, healthy, enjoyable learning environment. We are continuing to explore how we are inclusive of our students learning styles, needs, culture, interests and best meeting the needs of our students.

Information Communication Technology, ICT, is a key tool in the learning program at North Kalgoorlie P.S. This year has seen a major focus on the connectivity of the school and establishing a SOE (Standard Operating Environment). We now have access to broadband in all classrooms, the library and the computer lab. We currently integrate ICT into areas of the curriculum and plan to continue investigating how we can improve staff and student knowledge, skills, usage and abilities when planning and using these tools to support learning.

We often take part in National and international testing and this year alone two of our students received medals for highest scores in their year level in an international test.

We have a developed a shared vision for our children's educational needs and believe we need to develop lifelong learners with Literacy and Numeracy fundamental to achieve this goal. Supporting this we have a Getting It Right Literacy specialist staff member who works with staff across the school supporting best practice in teaching and learning.

The staff turnover at North Kalgoorlie Primary School is moderate. There is a blend of both highly experienced and graduate staff. The school endeavours to provide flexible structures that allow teachers access to professional development as we believe quality teaching and learning make the difference.

The school currently has 17 classes, 4 Pre-Primary units and an off site Kindergarten. We have a Languages Other Than English, LOTE, room where a very rich Indonesian language program is run by our highly experience LOTE teacher.

Our Pre-Primary units and Kindergarten are set in a very lush, motivating and shady environment. Our Kindergarten offers 80 places per year and these fill very quickly. The school has a library facility, a dental clinic, canteen, uniform shop and sporting facilities including basketball courts, cricket nets and oval.

North Kalgoorlie Primary School is a very proud school and we are committed to providing a learning environment that is inclusive, motivational, supportive, caring and engaging for every student.

The success of this school is, and will continue to be, due to the tremendous hard work of its staff, parents and students and the assistance of a very supportive community.


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