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Mullaloo Beach Primary School Mullaloo WA (Western Australia)

Mullaloo Beach Primary School, in Mullaloo

Details on this primary school

Mullaloo Beach Primary School Mullaloo Western Australia


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Located in the Perth coastal suburb of Mullaloo, Mullaloo Beach Primary School is nestled in a tranquil environment just 200m from the beach. The school is located within a nature reserve and adjoins extensive playing fields. Large trees and grassed areas surround the school creating an open and natural ambience to greet visitors to the school.

Student enrolment currently stands at 295 students from Pre-primary to Year 7 with students drawn mainly from the Mullaloo area. Many overseas and interstate families have chosen to live in Mullaloo after deciding to enrol their children at the school due to its positive, community based learning environment, progressive and developmental educational programs and for its inclusive approach in catering for all students.

The school has an Innovative Team Teaching Structure incorporating three teams, which provide for the specific learning needs of Junior. Middle and Senior primary students. Developmental Language and Mathematics groups are also utilised, in each team, to ensure each student receives learning experiences that cater for their individual needs and to enure all student progress and experience success in their learning. A Talented and Gifted Students' program incorporates a diverse range of interest areas and taps into the unique talents of students by providing opportunities to encourage and support life long learning across all domains. In addition the school offers specialists programs in French, Music, Physical Education and Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

The parent population provides excellent support through a vibrant Parent & Citizens' Association and through representation on the School Council. The encouragement of parents to be actively involved in all aspects of their child's learning is supported by the Continual Reporting Process and the open door communication practices adopted by the school.


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