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Miling Primary School Miling Western Australia primary school

Miling Primary School, in Miling

Details on this primary school

Miling Primary School Miling Western Australia


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The school which is the focal point for the Miling community is a nestled in tranquil environment with beautiful lush gardens and shade trees. Miling is situated approximately 40 kilometres from Moora and 200 kilometres from Perth. The students are drawn mainly from farms in the area and are bused to school.

The school offers a range of programs to enhance student learning with a particular focus on literacy and numeracy. Programs in the junior and senior rooms are enhanced by the inclusion of the SPOTS program which encompasses speech and occupational therapy into the learning programs. Specific students in both classes are supported with a range of programs including Direct Instruction spelling which is designed to assist students who are experiencing difficulty with spelling.

In the senior room there are also programs intended to challenge and extend students such as a spelling challenge program as well as units of work designed around Bloom's Taxonomy. Both classrooms encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning and involve the students in the planning and assessment process.

Values education is fostered through Program Achieve which runs throughout the school and is designed to provide the students with the five keys to success, independence, confidence, resilience, organization and getting along. The school community has identified these as the skills required to be successful contributing members of society.

The school has experienced success both academically and in the sporting field, winning the Interschool swimming trophy as well as achieving outstanding results in the New South Wales and Oracy Exams.

Significant improvements to the school over the last year have seen Miling adopting an ICT focus with both classes equipped with the latest information technology in the form of Interactive Whiteboards which provide classes with access to online programs. Each class is equipped with six computers and can access extra computers in the library. The completion of an extension to the library provides the students with a comprehensive information and resource centre.

The school is strongly supported by the P&C who work hard during the year to raise funds to support the school. This year the P&C has contributed considerable funds for the purchase of computers and ICT equipment, library resources and equipment for the kindergarten and pre primary.


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