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Geraldton Primary School Geraldton WA (Western Australia)

Geraldton Primary School, in Geraldton

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Geraldton Primary School Geraldton Western Australia


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Geraldton Primary School is Western Australia's oldest continuously operating Primary School. Students first started attending in 1878. The school was entered in the Register of Heritage Places on a permanent basis, pursuant to Section 51 of the Heritage of Western Australia Act in 2004.

The school has established an excellent name and reputation in the Geraldton community and attracts students from all parts of the city and outlying regions.

Over 430 students attend Geraldton Primary, which is nearing its capacity. Multi age classes are seen as a strength of the school, which has achieved some very strong academic results. A special year 5-6 & 7 extension class has been in operation for 10 years to enhance learning opportunities.

The school prides itself on its personal approach to families and pastoral care programs. This approach has led to very few discipline problems, the students are proud of their school.

Upper school students work with younger students in buddy programs, which lead to strong co-operative values being developed. The school has a program called the 'A' Team which specifically matches students with a staff member for intensive pastoral care help.

The majority of the staff have considerable teaching experience at the school, which has led to a very stable learning environment.

The school offers some very competitive educational programs and has won national awards in Science and Maths competitions. The school has a full time Indonesian language teacher.

The P&C Association is a major contributor to school development and in recent years has been responsible for a range of improvements at the school, including air conditioning, playground equipment and shade.


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