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Forest Crescent Primary School, in Thornlie

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Forest Crescent Primary School Thornlie Western Australia


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Forest Crescent Primary School is situated in the suburb of Thornlie, which is approximately 20 kilometres south east of the centre of Perth, Western Australia. The school enrolment for 2008 comprised 700 students from kindergarten to Yesr 7. Seven percent of these students are from a language background other than English.

The teaching and learning programs at Forest Crescent Primary School continue to provide high-quality learning outcomes for students. The school staff is committed to providing an educational program that meets the needs of all children and embraces the principles of learning and teaching from the Curriculum Framework.

Specialist Programs Include:

- Music - Years 1 - 7
- Italian - Years 2 - 7
- Physical Education - Years 1 - 7
- Visual Arts - Years 4 - 5
- English as a Second Language program to support children in their first two years in an Australian school
- Students at Educational Risk (SAER) program to support children with specific learning needs in literacy and numeracy
- All children from years 1 to 7 have access to a scripture program.
- Promoting Alternate Thinking Strategies (PATHS), a program to teach students how to react appropriately in difficult situations and problem solve. This program operates in all K - Year 5 classes.
- The Rainbows program offers counselling for children who have suffered a loss in their family.

An indicator of the success of our programs at Forest Crescent is the number of students gaining scholarships to secondary schools. The scholarships cover a range of areas including Gifted and Talented Academic and Arts programs, such as Dance, Theatre, Drama, Music and Information Technology, as well as a variety of Specialist Sports programs.

Students wear school uniform with pride and are highly competitive in representing Forest Crescent Primary School in all sporting and cultural pursuits.

School decision-making is facilitated through School Council, P & C and Staff Committee groups responsible for curriculum and non-curriculum areas.


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