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Endeavour Primary School, in Port Kennedy

Details on this primary school

Endeavour Primary School Port Kennedy Western Australia

Verdict - extremely positive rating.

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Endeavour Schools - Port Kennedy WA (Endeavour PS and Endeavour ESC)

Endeavour Schools are located in the suburb of Port Kennedy approximately 10 km south of Rockingham. They are to the west of an established housing development and to the east of a new development. The community surroundings are attractive with a nature reserve to the south and golf courses and a resort further to the west and the beach nearby. The developers of the estate have provided landscaping to public areas.

The school grounds are compact (2.4 hectares) and the oval is shared with the local community. There are three teaching blocks comprising 12 primary classrooms, 3 early childhood rooms, a music room, art room, library and undercover area/canteen. There is also an Education Support Centre as part of the school that occupies 4 education support rooms. In 2006 the schools have had 5 demountable/transportable classrooms installed within the school grounds due to higher than expected enrolments. There is a dental therapy centre on site that provides for regular treatments and emergencies. SPECIAL FEATURES
Endeavour Schools are the first 'Low Allergen' Schools to be built in the state. Modifications to the building and landscaping plan ensure that wind born pollens and dusts are significantly reduced. These special features include - vinyl flooring, ducted vacuum system, overhead radiant heating, whiteboards and modified landscape planting. The school undergoes regular testing from Murdoch University to monitor dust and pollen levels inside the classrooms. The school is also designated as an 'Asthma Friendly' School.

The schools were part of the Local Management trial and as a consequence have forged very close ties with the community. The local school community has participated in many aspects of decision making including building design, development of staffing profiles, staff selection, priority setting and accountability requirements. These factors have lead to parents and staff working closely together in all aspects of the schools' operation. DEMOGRAPHICS
Endeavour Schools are growing rapidly due to the continued housing development in the estate to the west. Current (February 2006) enrolment totals 496 from K - 7. Nearly all students are from an English speaking background and 90re born in Australia with 1.8a0of students being of Aboriginal decent. In the Education Support Centre 43 students are currently enrolled (Feb 2006). 5a0of the ESC students are of Aboriginal descent.STAFF
The school's staff are mostly merit selected. There are a large number of very experienced and very talented teachers working in the school. Each is a highly productive member of the team working with colleagues and parents on a large number of joint school-community committees. The teachers work collaboratively in learning teams to integrate the ESC children with the mainstream, where appropriate and to ensure continuity across the curriculum and year levels.
Teaching staff range from beginning teachers to 40 years experience with the average being 14 years.VOLUNTEERS
Endeavour Schools are very well supported by a large number of parent and community volunteers who contribute in many ways to the planning and implementation of school programs. Some examples include; decision making (School Council, Parents & Citizens Association), fundraising, classroom support (reading, art/craft etc), canteen workers, and excursion supervision. The School Volunteer Program, which provides a mentor for children who may be at social risk, has run since 2002. The Support A Reader program, which trains and uses volunteer tutors to assist children at risk with literacy, also implemented in 2002, is a very successful collaboration between the school and school community.

Both staff and parents contribute to the following committees:
- Fundraising
- Grounds
- Canteen
Endeavour Schools are still relatively new and are developing traditions and established patterns of behaviour. Through a strong Pastoral Care approach the students are taught 'Life Skills' and to take responsibility for their behaviour. Values Education across all eight Learning Areas is embedded into school planning and is ongoing. As such, there is great scope for innovation and creative thought that may lead to better ways of catering for the needs of students.

Pastoral Care programs include the 'Rock and Water' Program for both girls and boys and Friendly Schools, Friendly Families. The school concentrates on the positives and rewards student appropriately for their efforts. The schools have developed a once a term incentive program that rewards all the positive efforts throughout the term. This program - 'Incentivals' is popular with the whole school community.

The schools have specialist teachers for Physical Education, Music and LOTE with Indonesian taught from Year 3 through to Year 7. Spanish is the LOTE taught for Education Support students. As part of the 'Getting It Right' strategy the school has extra funding for a teacher to support the development of numeracy skills in the early childhood and junior years.

In one of the Year 7 classes the schools are running an integration program with students from the ESC being placed in mainstream classes. 2005 WALNA results showed marked improvement in the areas of reading and writing and all staff use the Curriculum Frameworks for teaching, learning and assessing.

The teaching and learning program of the schools are based upon the following principles:
- Children learn best in a comfortable, cooperative and supportive environment
- Students are provided with the opportunity to reach their academic potential
- Individual needs and differences are recognised and supported
- The physical, social and emotional well-being of each child is promoted
- Teaching practices encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning
- Teachers and parents work together to benefit the child.

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2009-01-31 13:40:03
Added by Anonymous
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there is no bullying, all kids are treated the same. the teachers are wonderful. lots of help for childern with special needs.nothing bad about this school.i would highly recommend this school to anyone. my child has autism and the kids and teachers all love him, they are great, he gets lots of help. the port kennedy area is very nice too, great for familys.
2009-02-19 15:43:40
Added by Anonymous
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My daughter happily attends this school, feeling 'at home' with the premises and teachers. The teachers are very approachable and the office staff are always friendly and helpful. There is good community help at this school from local families which helps add to the homely feel.Parking can be a bit difficult at times as there are only a few bays surrounding the school. You have to be there 10 minutes before school starts and ends to get a space!I would highly recommend this school to anyone. It's a nice size school with friendly staff, lovely happy children and also caters for those with disabilities. It's wonderful!

2009-04-08 15:50:49
Added by Anonymous
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outstanding teachers!no bullying and great support. programs and cater for ever childs needsthere are no bad things to say about this daughter started at this school in the esc grade one and will be graduating this year .i dont beleive there is a better school on offer for mainstream and esc ,this school is more like one big family .only +++ from me
2009-05-13 23:47:59
Added by Anonymous
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The facilities are excellent and the school has a great feel to it. All the teachers are friendly and the office staff are very helpful. I didn't know what FAF meant until my kids started going here. It really is Friendly and Fun!There is nothing bad about this school.My kids could hardly wait to go back to school after the holidays. They didn't feel the same at their last school. I'm really happy with the progress they're making and the the extra things they get to do here.

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