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Eden Hill Primary School Eden Hill WA (Western Australia)

Eden Hill Primary School, in Eden Hill

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Eden Hill Primary School Eden Hill Western Australia

Verdict - above average rating.

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The school, which opened in 1915, possesses a very proud, loyal and determined culture which is particularly well supported by a committed parent group. The school is seen as the pride and joy of the community; its reputation and achievements academically, socially, and in sports and arts serve to further promote the school's success.

The excellent reputation earned by the school has resulted in a steady increase of enrolments that has seen the establishment of our fifteenth primary school class this year. The level of interest from parents out of our boundaries has resulted in the school being a local intake school since 2003.

Eden Hill is viewed as a City school with a Country 'feel'. Parents and the community are actively involved in promoting the school, and enthusiastically support assemblies, sports carnivals, parent evenings and oral reporting programs.

A fire in 1989 destroyed a large portion of the school, but from heart-break, so many positives arose. The fire generated incredible school spirit fostering community collaboration to fundraise to replenish and improve the existing resources and facilities. The outcome was the provision of outstanding gardens and a host of interesting programs for students. Special features of the school include:

- a state of the art computer/technology/resources centre.
- a specialist music centre.
- a school rock band for senior students.
- a specialist dance group.
- an outstanding support program for Students at Educational Risk.
- a highly successful Reading Recovery Program.
- a Public Speaking program.
- above state mean scores for all Western Australian Literacy and Numeracy Assessment results.
- a comprehensive reporting program which keeps parents fully informed of student progress on at least four occasions per year and includes oral, written and portfolio reporting.
- fully air-conditioned learning areas.

The staff, as a group, boasts exceptional talent with expertise in a number of fields. This is highlighted by the fact that a number of staff have been nominated by the P&C for NEITA (National Excellence In Teaching Award), culminating in some staff members being successful at a state and national level.

Feedback from High Schools indicates that Eden Hill students are well prepared for their future learning. A number of our ex-students are chosen for leadership roles at High School and as a consequence make a significant contribution to the school community.

The School's P&C is a most active and supportive group which continues to focus upon assisting the exceptional program of every child.

The School Council is a highly focussed group which offers significant input into the effective management of the school.

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2008-11-07 11:37:17
Added by Anonymous
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this schoool was the best that i ever went to. we lived down the road so we walked to school. When i went to Eden Hill p.s i wanted to be at school all day every day. its the type of school that you can have fun with and enjoy every second of the day. i only went to the school for four and a half years and i loved it i wish that i could go back there now.there wasn't really any bad things when i went there. i had good teachers, great friends and nothing really bothered me.Eden HIll is a great place to go to school. some of my great memories come from that school. i wish mabay i could work there and show the kids that you can have fun but learn at the same time.
2009-02-12 14:11:26
Added by Anonymous
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music & Dancenaughty kidsA great place. People should appeciate it

2009-04-15 20:46:48
Added by Anonymous
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this school is just to good for words.I went to Eden hill primarry School for my whole Primary school life and i loved every single bit of it.All my teachers where great, they really put alot in for the kids.The teachers spend so much of there time on the kids like camps, a great graduation, discos and more. Altogether it is a wonderful school.nothing at is a great school and i highly recommed it!
2009-05-26 16:02:45
Added by Anonymous
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I went to Eden Hill and now my child does, I never intended sending my children anywhere else. The staff are great and the programs and events offered are fantastic.As the school grows in popularity the numbers keep growing, they're running out of room to add the extra classrooms.Wonderful school, highly recommend it.
2013-08-09 23:01:42
Added by Anonymous
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The year 7 camps going to burswood seeing ya friends good looking guys (I still go here) oh faction carnival and NETBALLKids swear popularity contests for prefects and faction captains Popular kids are mean to everyone elseIt's ok mr p is the best teacher there and I LOVE CAMPBELL PATRICK AUSTIN

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