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Campbell Primary School Canning Vale WA (Western Australia)

Campbell Primary School, in Canning Vale

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Campbell Primary School Canning Vale Western Australia

Verdict - quite positive rating.

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Campbell Primary School was opened at the beginning of the 2002 school year to meet the needs of the many families who have settled in the rapidly expanding suburb of Canning Vale. The design of the school resembles a community village reflecting the importance of a community within a school.

Both staff and community have worked to develop a positive, collaborate and cooperative culture within the school community so that students achieve their academic and social potential. Underpinning the educational program is the belief that the students at Campbell Primary School will develop the ability and willingness to learn and continue learning throughout their lifetime. To this end, the learning needs of students, the professional knowledge and enthusiasm of staff and the expectations of the community are used to establish quality learning and teaching programs to maximize the educational opportunity and potential for each student. Staff have a commitment to achieving the best outcomes for all students, embracing a wholistic approach to education that reflects a wide range of approaches to provide quality teaching and learning programs. There is a strong sense of community within the school as processes have been established to ensure all groups within the school community feel valued and have a clear role within the operations and decision making processes.


We want all students at Campbell Primary School to achieve the highest standards of learning possible so that they are equipped to deal effectively with opportunities and challenges they encounter in a changing world. We want them to be motivated and engaged in learning, in safe and supportive learning environments. We want motivated and capable teachers and school leaders, who feel valued and supported in their work.

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2009-01-07 13:38:42
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The school has great modern facilities ,exellent art teacher ,modern outlook on education,and great ethos.Needs to put more emphasis on environmental educationgreat design ,pleasant atmosphere and well positioned on public transport route.

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