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Byford Primary School Byford WA (Western Australia)

Byford Primary School, in Byford

Details on this primary school

Byford Primary School Byford Western Australia

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The town of Byford is ten kilometres south of Armadale on te South Western Highway and is located in a semi rural/urban community in the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale. There is a population of between 3,500 and 4,000 people in the district, although the Shire projects that this will increase to over 20,000 in coming years. The community is comprised of a range of socio-economic groups with an increasing level of transience. Byford school students are respectful, eager to learn, friendly and cooperative, concerned for others and keen to succeed.

The school buildings include an Administration block, Library-Resource Centre, nine permanent classrooms, one demountable classroom, a covered assembly, canteen and sport equipment storage area, two transportable Pre-primary centres, and a community kindergarten at Park Road Pre School. The grounds comprise a grassed oval, two bitumen multi purpose paved courts, lawn areas, playground equipment, a modular playground system, monkey bars, swing, slide and two cricket nets. A development property consisting of two blocks of land adjacent to the school in South Crescent is available for future sports ground development.

Within the school open communication is strongly supported. Parents are encouraged to communicate openly with teachers. A newsletter including community items is published weekly. Assemblies, which parents are encouraged to attend, are held on alternate Wednesdays at 8.50am. A list of dates is published in the weekly newsletter.

Parent involvement is strongly encouraged throughout the school and includes coaching sporting teams, organising resources, assisting children with writing and mathematics, supervising group activities, attending excursions, organising and helping at busy bees, supporting the canteen and participating in the Learning Assistance Program. Teachers are encouraged to seek parent involvement within their classrooms.

The P&C is very supportive and is engaged in regular communications with the school and staff. It is involved in essential fund-raising for school activities, resources and equipment.

Each class teacher is encouraged to organise regular excursions to support learning programs. Year Seven students are given the opportunity to attend a camp.

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2009-02-03 18:31:00
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there are nice studnts there. the teachers are goodno canteen no real learning books in the libary. the teachers are a bit to is a good school for your chldren to learn in.

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