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Brookman Primary School, in Langford

Details on this primary school

Brookman Primary School Langford Western Australia


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Brookman Primary School, opened in 1976. The school is located 12 kilometres south east of Perth between Nicholson and Spencer Roads in Langford. Recent refurbishing of Langford has made it a popular residential area. The school is close to surrounding wetlands of the Canning River.

The community from which Brookman draws its students is a diverse cultural mix with one third of students having English as a second language.

Funding 2006:
Additional funding is received for the following programs.
Commonwealth Literacy & Numeracy Program $33 000.
Get It Right in Literacy, One full time teacher.
Aboriginal Education Specialist teacher 0.5
Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme teacher 0.4
Behaviour Management and Discipline teacher 0.3
Learning Area teacher 0.2
School Chaplain, part time.

Parent involvement in the school is significant. A purpose built Parent Room provides a location for parents to meet informally. The school has an active P&C having involvement in the School Council, operaters a full time Canteen and supports teaching and Learning programs in classes and the Pre Primary. The School Council ensures parents are involved in decision making and promote the school profile in the community.

The buildings are surrounded by a large reticulated oval, grassed playing areas and three bitumen netball/basketball courts.

The school consists of an administration block, three clusters of six classrooms, a Resource Centre, School Canteen, covered assembly area and a double Pre Primary unit. Nine of the classrooms are used as teaching areas, with other rooms being designated for Literacy, Maths, Computer, Art/Craft and Parent Room.

Collaborative Learning is a highlight across the school and uses the Department of Education and Training Student Outcome Statements and the Curriculum Framework to provide a structured learning program.

Collaboration in the early childhood domain is being enhanced utilising all resources effectively to allow students to be given the very best opportunity to learn.

L.O.T.E. Nyoongar Language studies.

As part of the local area planning process, the school has undergone a complete refurbishment to the value of 1.1 million dollars in 2005 to bring the school up to the standard of a new school.


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