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Findon Primary School Mill Park VIC (Victoria)

Findon Primary School, in Mill Park

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Findon Primary School Mill Park Victoria

Verdict - quite positive rating.

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Our school is classed as a medium sized primary school of 490 students. Our students are a great mix of personalities, cultures and intelligences. We have creative, logical/mathematical, musical and linguistic learners.

At Findon we believe that all our students are 'gifted' and as teachers we need to discover this gift and build on it. To this end we offer a mix of traditional and engaging curriculum to challenge children in each class. Our Reggio Emilia approach to curriculum development is being 'grown' in our Early Years classes. This approach strengthens the child as a learner, and the teacher as facilitator of that learning.

Our internal and external learning environments are bright, airy and well maintained by students, staff and parents from our community. Findon Primary has a commitment to building a learning community where all stakeholders are involved in the education of students. In this environment students are actively encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and behaviour.

We, like Lane Clark, believe that students can understand that 'with responsibility comes privilege, and with privilege comes responsibility' Findon Primary is a dynamic and stimulating learning environment delivering a skills based curriculum that will focus on a child's future not their past.

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2008-02-27 23:46:20
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