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Bonbeach Primary School, in Bonbeach

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Bonbeach Primary School Bonbeach Victoria

Verdict - below average rating.

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Bonbeach Primary School was established in 1958 in the City of Kingston, 35 kilometres south-east of Melbourne.  Bonbeach Primary School and Preschool is unique in the area having a Preschool on the same site as the school providing 3 and 4 year old programs through to Year 6. Every year is exciting as new students commence their time with us at the Preschool or primary school. Enrolments this year have increased at both the primary school and preschool. It is currently 160 students at the Primary School. There are limited vacancies in the Preschool. The “Breeze@Bonbeach” housing development adjacent to the school is nearing completion bringing more families to our community.

Community participation is emphasised and encouraged in all activities at Bonbeach. It is a feature of our school. We have a very active parent group with School Council, Parents and Friends and parent volunteers involved in assisting in the classrooms, operating the canteen, developing our grounds and buildings and supporting the school.

The school structure is co-educational and based largely on composite grades with a great deal of co-operative planning and interaction among all grades and sections. Our excellent core curriculum programs focus on developing individual student abilities in Literacy, Numeracy and social skills as cornerstones to success in all curriculum areas and society. They remain a strong focus in our curriculum. Other curriculum areas such as Science, Technology and Humanities are covered within our Integrated Studies program. Specialist programs are operating in Visual Arts, Indonesian, Music and Physical Education. Developing student abilities in Information technology and Thinking Skills is carried out across the curriculum.

The permanent facilities consist of a LTC building including an on-site Pre-School, library and Learning Technologies Centre that encourages effective learning. Bonbeach PS also includes a canteen, parents’ meeting facility and Visual Arts Centre. The school hall once belonged to Bonbeach High School/TAFE College. This now belongs to the primary school and has proved to be an excellent facility. It is used extensively for the delivery of school programs and hired to the broader community. We are currently working through a refurbishment process to improve staging facilities and tackle maintenance tasks.

The community is very proud of its extensive grounds that provide quiet shaded areas, a large oval, basketball and netball courts, an outdoor quiet learning area and stage as well as recently installed senior and junior playgrounds. They remain a feature of the school particularly in the provision of high quality sporting and recreational areas for the students and local community.

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2008-05-30 15:00:22
Added by Anonymous
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Staff are committed, friendly and truley passionate about their job and the children.Facilities are old and slightly run down but things are improving.I love the school and would highly recommend it.
2008-12-16 10:32:35
Added by Anonymous
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Improvments are happening all the timeneeds a paint in some roomfriendly school, large play areas,. have a look at their website

2013-10-05 01:10:17
Added by Anonymous
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The class rooms are nice,some teachers are also nice.the ammount of bullying is horrible.if you want your kid to be mentally sane,don't send them there.

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