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Stretton State College Stretton QLD (Queensland)

Stretton State College, in Stretton

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Verdict - somewhat negative rating.

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Stretton State College in Stretton, Queensland (QLD) is a growing school serving the district of South East Brisbane. There are 1018 enrolled students at Stretton State College and those numbers are expected to grow. Stretton State College creates an environment where students are able to achieve their potential and maximise learning opportunities, and we pride ourself on the welcoming, safe, caring, friendly and supportive environment at Stretton State College.

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2009-04-06 12:48:07
Added by Anonymous
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A school that is environmentally conscious.Students enjoy up to date technology. Beautiful looking school.Well maintained. Reasonably strict on uniform. Great communication with parents. Motto: Stretton Spirit.My child has had good teachers and 2 really lousy ones.The parking is a nightmare. Have introduced tracksuit pants to the school unform which can be worn with the formal shirt which looks very tacky. Both lower and middle school student have separate Sports Carnivals. Fees are a lot higher than other state schools and so are the uniforms costs.For a young school, Stretton is average. They are in need of some really passionate teachers who love their profession.

2013-10-09 15:08:45
Added by Anonymous
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It's close to where we live.Getting there can be a nightmare. Parking at the best of times is awful. The uniform is getting ridiculous as they keep changing things and adding new rules. TOO MUCH EMPHASIS ON UNIFORM AND NOT ENOUGH ON EDUCATION!Expect better than this school provides. They think they are a Private school when they are a STATE COLLEGE.

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