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North Lakes State College Mango Hill Queensland primary school

North Lakes State College, in Mango Hill

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North Lakes State College Mango Hill Queensland

Verdict - quite positive rating.

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North Lakes State College is a proud and innovative college that offers high quality education for both boys and girls from the Preparatory school year through to Year 12. The college has three sub schools - Junior (Prep to Year 6), Middle (Year 7 to Year 9) and Senior (Year 10 to Year 12). Each sub school offers a diverse and rich curriculum supported by quality teaching that gives our students a seamless transition through their 13 years of schooling.

It is our aim to awaken and nurture each child's emotional and intellectual intelligence, through our curriculum offerings and pedagogical practices as well as our extra curricular offerings so that they become empowered to achieve their potential, their aspirations as well as become a vital member of our society. To embed this belief within our school all students engage in a well planned and sequenced set of innovative school curriculum programs implemented through modern pedagogical practices. To support this implementation our teachers plan in teams so that good practices are shared, standards and common assessment tasks are set, quality is achieved and the needs of individual students are catered for in a supportive environment. This classroom curriculum is supported by a huge selection of extra curricular activities and a pastoral care program which assists each child to explore their talents, interests and abilities as well as assist each child to develop emotionally.

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2008-11-02 07:38:41
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Location FacilitiesLack of educational excellence Low standardsDo not send your child here

2008-11-19 22:26:00
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North lakes has an excellent leadership team,great facilities, competent and professional staff which all easily compares with anything else I have inspected in the fee paying sector.Sure the size is a problem but then again its popularity must stand for something.well why should I pay extra and get less in a local independent school. with what we sacved in fes my wife and I will be taking our two chidren on a trip to central australia....what an additional experience we can all share.

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