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Gumdale State School Gumdale Queensland primary school

Gumdale State School, in Gumdale

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Verdict - somewhat negative rating.

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In the suburb of Gumdale is Gumdale State School. There are 727 enrolled students at Gumdale State School with the school ready for the future. Gumdale State School creates an environment where students are able to achieve their potential and maximise learning opportunities, and our facilities allow the best teaching practice and learning programs to be implemented.

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2013-11-29 18:53:28
Added by Anonymous
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Not sure nowAbsolutely disgraceful this year... Gumdale has really lost the community respect to other providers to use facilities in outside school hours. One being letting someone use the hall for classes on a Saturday morning. Here is the school bumping up fees of use of the hall and this participant is willing to pay, but they intend on charging him/her for clean up time. Use parents have to help even before class to clean up their own mess beforehand. face to face.Disrespectful to community, lack communication and co operation

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