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Matthew Pearce Public School, in Baulkham Hills

Details on this primary school

Matthew Pearce Public School Baulkham Hills New South Wales

Verdict - somewhat negative rating.

Compare with all other primary schools.
Matthew Pearce primary school operates within the context of the NSW Department of Education and Training and derives its curriculum from the NSW Board of Studies. Within these parameters class, small group and individual programs are developed to meet the individual needs of students and to maximise their educational potential.

A strong emphasis is placed on high standards in English and mathematics. The development of competencies in these key learning areas are valued by the school community and open up a wide range of possibilities for students as they move through and beyond the school. In order to meet the outcomes of all curriculum areas, the school is committed to the development of integrated units of work which draw their impetus and structure from across a number of key learning areas, especially human society and its environment and English. The integrity of syllabus documents is maintained within units. Incorporated into the programs of the school are two Opportunity classes (OC) for academically gifted students in Years 5 and 6.

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2013-06-22 04:37:01
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Some very lovely teacherstoo crowded (>1100) disorganised not safe too competitiveChildren cannot perform their best when they do not feel safe and are put under too much pressure.

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Ratings for the Matthew Pearce Public School Baulkham Hills New South Wales
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