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Fernleigh Public School Fernleigh New South Wales primary school

Fernleigh Public School, in Fernleigh

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Verdict - somewhat negative rating.

Compare with all other primary schools.
Provides a family like atmosphere which emphasises interaction between students of differing ages and abilities. Children interact and learn from each other. Provides an educational setting which is stimulating and focused on individual learning programs. Learning and personal growth are valued and promoted as a strong foundation for further learning and life.

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2013-10-22 17:03:33
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The literacy and numeracy skills of my children have improved immensely upon their entrance into Fernleigh School. Both of my children have experienced their education geared towards their learning styles and very inclusive with tons of support. My children came to this school after being in a school of over 500. They now receive a lot of one on one support. Plus it is the kind of learning I would expect from a high dollar private school. Lots of hands on creative learning.Some would say it isn't great that it's a small school. But, when I was comparing apples for apples I knew that Fernleigh was the only choice for us. I was interested in the teacher to student ratio. I have had my children in a large school and I can say first and foremost I won't go back. This is a family. The kids have learned social norms and have a great understanding of working together, not just how to add and spell. So, I do not fault the size of the school. Their are enough kids from different backgrounds that ALL of the kids have been accepting and kind towards each other.We were on the fence about sending our kids to a private school where we would be paying $600/month or riving 20 minutes to Fernleigh. Hands down the best decision we have ever made in our children's lives was that of deciding to send them to this little school. The bonus is that driving up to the school on Fernleigh road is like driving through a fairytale setting. Beautiful.

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