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Bar Refridgerators

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For keeping your bar food and drinks cool.

NamePictureMakeRating Down
Fisher and Paykel P120R 115L Bar FridgeFisher and Paykel P120R 115L Bar FridgeFisher and PaykelN/A
LG GC181STA 140L Bar FridgeLG GC181STA 140L Bar FridgeLGN/A
Samsung SRG149PT 127L Bar FridgeSamsung SRG149PT 127L Bar FridgeSamsungN/A
Samsung SRG148 127L Bar FridgeSamsung SRG148 127L Bar FridgeSamsungN/A
Whirlpool 6WBM12MS 120L Bar FridgeWhirlpool 6WBM12MS 120L Bar FridgeWhirlpoolN/A
Westinghouse RP131T 129L Bar FridgeWestinghouse RP131T 129L Bar FridgeWestinghouseN/A
Westinghouse RA123T 119L Bar FridgeWestinghouse RA123T 119L Bar FridgeWestinghouseN/A
Westinghouse RA110T 110L Bar FridgeWestinghouse RA110T 110L Bar FridgeWestinghouseN/A
Westinghouse RA122T 120L Bar FridgeWestinghouse RA122T 120L Bar FridgeWestinghouseN/A

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