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Quick snack: Mouth watering
super crispy onion rings!!

Q: How did you find out? ... A: I read this review!

About Us

Hi there! So you want to find out about the people who started this website?

Okay, well it's pretty much just my wife and I ... and we decided we needed a place where people could write what they thought about various products available on the Australian marketplace, and businesses local to Australia. A place where you can have your say, and inform others of your experiences - good and bad, to allow other Australians to be informed.

It's just like the word of mouth, but it's online.

Of course, you must keep an open mind when you're reading what others have posted - but take it all into consideration. After all, any information is better than no information.

Good luck with your research, and we hope this may help you!

We value and encourage all feedback about this site, and you can contact us anytime.

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